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Eric Phillips
CIO, Principal
Ad Victoriam Solutions


Erin Snyder
VP, HLS Delivery
Ad Victoriam Solutions

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The CMS Patient Health Data Regulation
Don’t Just Comply - Thrive



Overview (Webinar One) 

Join other healthcare providers and payers as we navigate the new federal CMS
regulation focused on liberating patient health data and how to not only comply but
propel your service delivery, treatment outcomes, and patient loyalty. We will explore
potential solution paths and envision a future of opportunity. 

Key learning objectives

  • Overview of the regulation and its impact on the provider, payer and patient
  • Understanding the solution paths to compliance
  • Transforming the CMS regulation into an innovation opportunity
  • Designing a single source platform solution



Technical Dive (Webinar Two)

Join other healthcare providers and payers as we dive deep into the technology solutions
for complying with the new federal CMS patient health data regulation. Best practices
for architectural elements that navigate through the hurdles to implement adaptive data
integration framework, including MuleSoft, will be discussed.

Key learning objectives

  • Technical solution path for meeting each compliance milestone
  • Review of Top Architectural Elements (FHIR, OAuth, Data elements)
  • Systems and services needed to achieve results
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